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DGIST Research Team to lead the Commercialization of High-Efficacy Nanotech Chip

  • 조회. 517
  • 등록일. 2019.05.22
  • 작성자. Public Relations Team

DGIST Research Team to lead the Commercialization of
High-Efficacy Nanotech Chip

- DGIST Professor Su-Il In’s team to commercialize the technology with Dongbang Medical Co., Ltd.
- Received 640 million KRW of research funding for 3 years from the Ministry of Health and Welfare




DGIST announced on May 20 that Professor Su-Il In’s team in the Department of Energy Science and Engineering embarked on commercialization of high-efficacy nanotech oriental needle with Dongbang Medical, a medical device manufacturer in Korea. 

This project will be conducted for 3 years with 640 million KRW of research funding from Ministry of Health and Welfare through oriental-based convergence technology research. Professor Su-Il In’s team and Dongbang Medical predict that if they succeed in the commercialization of nanotech needle that they are presently developing, they will be able to dominate the global alternative medicine market.

Professor Su-Il In’s team will be developing high-efficacy nano oriental convergence needle made of emerging material using the surface processing technique through nanotechnology and will cooperate with Dongbang Medical for building its production system and commercialization. Dongbang Medical is a Korean medical device manufacturer that has acquired high market share in Korea and overseas; it exports various oriental medical devices to 50 different countries in the world. 

In 2016, Professor Su-Il In’s research team developed a porous needle with fine holes on the needle surface ranging from nanometer (nm = 1 billionth of 1m) to micrometer (μm = 1 millionth of 1m). This widened the needle area by 20 times and is very effective and useful for treating alcohol and cocaine addiction as well as amplifying electrical-physiological signals by needle stimulus.

The team especially drew the attention of academia with its colorectal cancer research that proved excellent efficacy of porous needle for treatment. It was also selected by ‘2017 Scientific Reports TOP 100 in Oncology’ among thousands of cancer-related research papers published on Scientific Reports, a world-renowned journal. 

CEO Keum-sik Kim of Dongbang Medical said “The development of high-efficacy nano and oriental convergence needle using emerging material will revitalize oriental medical technology that has been under recession. And Professor Su-Il In’s team’s research will play a critical role here.”

Professor In also said “We will strive to contribute to its commercialization by further developing the present porous needle even further, while devoting ourselves into continuous R&D to raise awareness of the scientific excellence of oriental medicine with Dongbang Medical.