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Exchange Program

Inbound Exchange Student Program is an opportunity for students from partner institutions to study at DGIST while immersed in Korean culture for one semester or a year. This program is based on institutional student exchange agreement between DGIST and partner institution.

Exchange students can take courses in undergraduate and graduate school of DGIST and credits will be transferred into their home institutions’ credit system.

Academic Calendar

  • A school year begins in late February in DGIST.
  • The undergraduate program in Korea is 4-year program.
  • Semester :
    • Spring (Semester 1) : Late February to Mid June (25 Feb. ~ 14 June, 2019)
    • Fall (Semester 2) : Early September to Mid December (2 September ~ 20 December, 2019)


  • Undergraduate or graduate students nominated by exchange program coordinator at partner institutions
  • The details may vary for each institution. Please check detailed eligibility requirements for your institution with your international student exchange advisors.
  • Process

    • Nomination : Nomination by program coordinator of home institution should be made by End of March for Fall semester or End of September for Spring Semester.
    • Screening : International Affairs Team and relevant faculty members of DGIST make a final decision on acceptance of nominated students by reviewing application documents. Successful applicants will receive an email with Guideline for Exchange Student from International Affairs Team in April or in October.
    • Registration Application: All accepted students must submit Registration Application to International Affairs Team for admission to DGIST until end of May for Spring semester or end of November for Fall semester. Registration Application includes;
      • Registration Application (DGIST form)
      • A copy of academic transcript in English
      • Study plan at DGIST (one page)
      • A copy of passport
      • A copy of bank statement indicating sufficient funding of individual in English
      • A copy of Tuberculosis test result in English
      • A digital copy of photo (for student card)
      • Evidence of English language proficiency (optional)
    • Visa : All students who have complete registration application will receive Certificate of Admission, Admission Letter and Business Certificate of DGIST from International Affairs Team by End of June for Spring semester or end of December for Fall semester so that they can make application for Exchange Student visa (D-2). It is student’s full responsibility to obtain the visa, and please consult with Korean Embassy in home country for visa issuance in advance.
    • Account Creation and Registration for Courses: Exchange students must create DGIST account for course registration in early August for Fall semester or in early February for Spring semester. Please find a list of courses at http://welcome.dgist.ac.kr/ucs/ucsqProfRespSbjtInq/index.do
    • Transcript: 2 original copies of transcripts will be delivered to program coordinator of home institution a month after semester.

    Minimum & Maximum credits for one semester

    • ndergraduate students: 10 credits – 23 credits
    • Graduate students: 9 credits – 12 credits
      • 1 course is usually for 3 credits.
      • Graduate students who would like to make application for excessive credits should submit application form to International Affairs Team with signed.

    Life at DGIST

  • DGIST Buddies will be arranged for exchange students. The Buddies will provide exchange students supports to help them to be settled down in DGIST easily.
  • Orientation for exchange students by International Affairs Team will be provided within 7 working days from the date of student’s arrival. Campus-life related guidance and assistance for international members are available at the Global Lounge throughout the year.
  • Exchange students will stay at DGIST Student Dormitory for their stay at DGIST. Rooms for the exchange students will be arranged by International Affairs Team. Please visit https://dorm.dgist.ac.kr for information on DGIST Student Dormitory.
  • Korean language courses (Level Ⅰ and Level Ⅱ) are offered for international members in DGIST during semester free of charge. Please note that it is not mandatory for exchange students to take Korean language course.
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