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Shuttle bus

Commute bus (Go to)

Commute bus
NO Category Route Bus
1 Sangin Sangin[08:08]→Jincheon[08:11]→Yucheon-gyo[08:18]→Technopolis-ro→Across Jungheung S Class[08:45]→Arrival[08:50] 45seats
2 Daegok Daegok[08:10]→Yucheon-gyo[08:15]→Hoban Vertium-1 Apartment[08:43]→Arrival[08:48] 45seats
3 Hwanggeum Hwanggeum-dong[07:35]→Gosan[07:45]→Sinmae[07:50]→Yongji JCT[08:00]→Apsantunnel-ro→Sangin Prugio[08:15]→Arrival[08:45] 45seats
4 Banwoldang Banwoldang[07:50]→Duryu[08:00]→Yongsan[08:05]→Seongseo IC→Hyeonpung LH[08:35]→Arrival[08:40] 45seats
5 Ayanggyo Ayanggyo[07:30]→Manchon[07:39]→Beomeo[07:43]→Banwoldang[07:55]→Cheongna Hill[07:57]→Yongsan[08:13]→Seongseo IC→Arrival[08:47] 45seats
6 Gimcheon-Gumi Gimcheon-Gumi Station[08:05] → South Gimcheon IC → DGIST[08:55]
(KTX(Train No. 7) Seoul[06:35]→Daejeon[07:34]→Gimcheon-Gumi Station[07:58])
  • Location of Get-off
    Sang-in Station
    Exit No.2 near Hanaro Mart (in front of NIKE)
    Jincheon Station
    Exit No.4 (in front of Wolbae Nonghyup)
    Daegok Station
    near Exit No. 3 (180m towards back gate of Halla Hauzent Apt. (Resturant Shinsanggyo)
    Donghwa Town 101-dong street (across Byeolnan Bokeoh)
    Beomeo Station
    Exit No. 8 (in front of Starbucks)
    Ayanggyo Station
    Mooguk Glasses(50m towards Keungogae Ogeori from Exit No. 1)
    Manchon Station
    Across Manchon 2-dong Community Service Center
    Bus stop across Daegu Bank Hwanggeum-dong Crossroads Branch(in front of Castel Gold 5 complex 1514-dong)
    Gosan Station
    Exit No.3
    Shinmae Station
    Exit No.3 public parking lot (150m towards the World Cup Stadium from Shinmae Station Exit No.3)
    Yongji Crossroads
    Across Daegu Bank Yongji Crossroads Branch (in front of Beommool Park)
    Banwoldang Station
    Exit No.18 (in front of Hyundai Department Store)
    Cheongna Hill Station
    Exit No.1
    Duryu Station
    Exit No.6 (in front of Descente)
    Yongsan Station
    In the middle of Exit No.5 and Home Plus
    Sangin Prugio Apartment
    Crosswalk near Sangin Prugio Apartment 106-dong
    Across Jungheung S Class
    The busstop across the Jungheung S Class
    Hyeonpung LH Apartment
    Street in front of LH Cheonnamu Apartment 107-dong
    Bus parking lot → University headquarters → Office of University-Industry Cooperation
    Gimcheon-Gumi Station
    Bus stop in front of Gimcheon-Gumi Station (No.3 Waegwan, Yakmok, and Seongju bound)

Commute bus (Leave to)

Commute bus (Leave to)
NO Category Route Bus
1 Sangin1 Parking Lot[18:20]→Across Yuga Town Office[18:30]→Hildesheim Apartment[18:35]→Yucheon-gyo[19:00]→Jincheon[19:05]→Sangin[19:10] 45seats
2 Sangin2 Parking Lot[18:50]→Across Yuga Town Office[19:00]→Hildesheim Apartment[19:05]→Yucheon-gyo[19:30]→Jincheon[19:35]→Sangin[19:40] 45seats
3 Yongsan1 Parking Lot[18:20] → Posan[18:25] →Seongseo IC → Yongsan[19:05] 45seats
4 Yongsan2 Parking Lot[18:50] → Posan[18:55] →Seongseo IC → Yongsan[19:40] 45seats
5 Manchon Parking Lot[18:20]→Across Sangin Prugio Apartment[18:50]→Apsantunnel-ro→Yongji JCT[19:05]→Daegongwon[19:10]→Manchon[19:15] 45seats
6 Yongsan3 Parking Lot[20:30] → Yucheon-gyo[20:50] → Keimyung University[21:05] → Yongsan[21:10] 45seats
7 Gimcheon-Gumi DGIST[18:10] → South Gimcheon IC → Gimcheon-Gumi Station[19:00]
(This shuttle bus runs from DGIST bus parking lot to Gimcheon-Gumi Station directly)
- KTX(Train No.54) Gimcheon-Gumi Station[19:12]→Daejeon[19:38]→Seoul[20:50]
- SRT(Train No.360) Gimcheon-Gumi Station[19:22]→Daejeon[19:47]→Suseo[20:47]
  • Location of Get-off
    Daegok Station
    Exit No.4 of Daegok Station (near Daegu Bank)
    Street in front of Byeolnam Bokeoh
    Across LH Cheonnyeonnamu Apartment 106-dong
    Across Yuga Town Office
    Starbucks (across Yuga Town Office)
    Across Sangin Prugio Apartment
    Street in front of Sagyejeol Town 309-dong