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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid

※ As of February 2021

Monthly Amount

Monthly Amount -Program, Meal allowance, Study grants, Research assistantship allowances, RA/TA scholarship, Monthly amount
Program Meal allowance Study grants Research assistantship allowances RA/TA scholarship Monthly Amount
Master’s KRW 100,000 KRW 140,000 - KRW 80,000 KRW 320,000
PhD KRW 100,000 - KRW 295,000 KRW 250,000 KRW 645,000

※ Support term : (Spring semester) March to August, (Fall semester) September to February


  • Eligibility : Enrolled master’s, PhD, integrated (combined) Government Scholarship students
  • Period of Support : For Master’s student up to 4 semesters, PhD student 8 semesters, Integrated or Combined student 10 semesters


  • If a student is on a leave of absence
  • If a student is in his/her fifth (master’s program), ninth (PhD program), or eleventh (for integrated and combined programs) or later semester
  • If a student earned fewer than nine credits, including research credits, from the last semester

    ※ Students who earn fewer than nine credits in a semester will not receive financial aid for the next semester, regardless if he/she submits an application for course registration under the minimum credit load and has it approved by the school.

  • If a student was placed on academic probation in the last semester
  • If a student is dispatched abroad for more than 15 days in a given month and at least 50% of the costs and expenses are covered by DGIST (financial aid unpaid during that period)
  • If a student is under disciplinary action (financial aid unpaid during that period)
  • If a student finds employment in an external business or institution during his/her last semester (payment will cease from the date hired)
  • If a student is warned by the department chair for negligence on attendance or at work

Duty for financial aid recipients

Financial aid recipients have duties to work as educational/research/administrative assistants under the supervision of Department Chair, advisor or etc. according to the department’s assistantship scheme.


  • ntegrated (combined) program students will be deemed master’s students in the first and second semesters and PhD students in the third semester and thereafter.
  • Integrated (combined) students who intend to earn a master’s degree will be deemed master’s students from the following semester after submitting a master’s thesis proposal until their graduation. Even if they later submit a PhD thesis proposal, financial aid and stipends will not be paid retroactively.


Students are required to return the financial aid and scholarships they received for the semester if taking a leave of absence or the entire financial aid and scholarships they have received if dropping out.

Stipend Policy

※ As of February 2021


DGIST takes full responsibility for guaranteeing the minimum standard of living for student researchers so that they can fully focus on study and research.


Enrolled MS, PhD, integrated MS-PhD (combined UG-G) students

※ If a student falls under any of the disqualification causes, he/she will not be eligible for financial aid and stipends.

Monthly Minimum Amount : Financial aid + Research stipend

Monthly Minimum Amount : Financial aid + Research stipend - Program, Monthly minimum amount, Additional amount
Program Monthly minimum amount Additional amount
Government Scholarship students Master’s KRW 650,000 Depends on participation in research projects
PhD KRW 1,170,000
DGIST Scholarship students Master’s KRW 1,250,000
PhD KRW 1,834,000

※ Integrated (combined) program students will be deemed master’s students in the first and second semesters and PhD students in the third semester and thereafter.

Pay day

Last day of the month


※ As of February 2021
Type Amount (KRW) Criteria & Details No. of Recipients
DGIST Presidential Fellowship(DPF) Special Scholarship
  • Admitting students with 4C educational philosophies
  • Application by students at registration
up to 3 per semester

Department-in-charge : Student Affairs Team, student@dgist.ac.kr