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Neurometabolomics Research Center (NRC)

We aim at developing diagnosis and treatment for metabolism-related neurological disorders by identifying new targets in regulation of metabolism in neurons and tissues using neurometabolomics approach by establishment of Neurometabolomics Research Center (NRC) at DGIST.

Research Goals
  • Research aimed at understanding the metabolic mechanisms of neural systems in metabolic diseases including obesity and diabetes
  • Focus on the metabolic regulation of the etiology of neurometabolic diseases like neurodegnerative disorders to develop the technology for early diagnosis of diseases
  • Observation of minute changes in metabolite levels using metabolome analysis for research applicable to therapeutic intervention for prevention and treatment of neurometabolic diseases
  • Basic research on molecular mechanisms underlying the comorbidity of metabolic diseases and the neurological disorders.
Major Research Fields & Contents

Metabolomics for metabolic biomarkers and application

  • Analysis of metabolites in neurons, brain, blood and other tissues using chromatography-mass spectrometry
  • Untargeted and targeted analysis of metabolites
  • General metabolomics, pathway analysis, metabolites tracing
    Guidance for Director,E-mail,Tel
    Director Eun-Kyoung Kim
    E-mail ekkim@dgist.ac.kr
    Tel 053-785-6111