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Emerging Materials Science


Computational Materials Theory Group

Research Fields
Computational mateirals science using high-performance computers
First-principles electronic structure calculations
Materials design for energy conversion, storage and transport
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Joongoo Kang
Degree: Ph.D., KAIST, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6517
Mail : joongoo.kang@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Kim, Hyeongyeong(Integrated M.S. & Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : hdrecipe@dgist.ac.kr

Quantum Functional Materials Laboratory

Research Fields
Synthesis and single crystal growth of emerging quantum functional materials
Their physical properties under extremely condition
Their optical properties using FTIR spectrometer
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Yong Seung Kwon
Degree: Ph.D., Tohoku University, Japan
Tel : +82-53-785-6500
Mail : yskwon@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Yuil Seo (Integrated M.S.& Ph.D.Candidate)
Mail : yuilseo@dgist.ac.kr

Sustainable Chemistry Laboratory

Research Fields
Inorganic/Organometallic Chemisry
Homogeneous Catalysis
Functional Polymer
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Seong Kyun Kim
Degree: Ph.D., KAIST, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6615
Mail : hansol@dgist.ac.kr

Nanomaterials and Quantum Device Lab

Research Fields
Van der Waals materials, strongly correlated materials
Two dimensional quantum nano device
Integer and fractional quantum Hall effect
electron-electron interaction dominated physics
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Youngwook, Kim
Degree: Ph.D. POSTECH, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6528
Mail : y.kim@dgist.ac.kr

NanoBiomaterials & SpinTronics Laboratory

Research Fields
Nano-Spintronic materials and devices
Converging Technology of nanomaterials and biomaterials
Nature mimetic intelligent devices
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. CheolGi Kim
Degree : Ph.D., KAIST, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6516(6540)
Mail : cgkim@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Byungwha Lim (Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : bhlim@dgist.ac.kr

Micro Laser Laboratory

Research Fields
Quantum Chaos Theroy
Microcavity laser which has unidirectionality and ultra high-Q factor
Chemical and Biological Sensor
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Chil-Min Kim
Degree: Ph.D., Sogang University, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6518
Mail : chmkim@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Ji-Hwan Kim (Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : jhoujjj@dgist.ac.kr

Novel Quantum materials Laboratory

Research Fields
Superconductors and Magnetism
Topological materials
Single crystal synthesis and low-temperature physics
X-ray and neutron scattering
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Keeseong Park
Degree: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, USA
Tel : +82-53-785-6614
Mail : keeseong@dgist.ac.kr

Organic-Inorganic Hybrids Lab

Research Fields
Functional organic-inorganic hybrid materials for energy and environmental applications
Metal-organic polyheda/metal-organic frameworks
Porous polymer networks
Organic-inorganic nanohybrids
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof.Jinhee Park
Degree: Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Tel : +82-53-785-6521
Mail : jinhee@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Jaeyeon Bae(M.S. Candidate)
Mail : bjy1210@dgist.ac.kr

SMALL Lab (Single Molecule Approaches to ceLL Laboratory)

Research Fields
Synthetic Chemistry of Nanomaterials
Cell Biology
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Daeha Seo
Degree: Ph. D. KAIST
Tel : +82-53-785-6525
Mail : livewire@dgist.ac.kr

Nanospm Lab

Research Fields
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy on phase transitions in strongly correlated electron systems(High-Tc superconductors, magnetic materials etc)
Quantum phase transition(Topological insulators, Majorana fermion etc)
Quantum emerging phenomena in low dimensional materials(0D molecules, 1D nanowires etc)
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Jungpil Seo
Degree: Ph.D., Seoul National University, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6515
Mail : jseo@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Yong Chan Jeong (Integrated M.S.& Ph.D.Candidate)
Mail : ycjeong@dgist.ac.kr

Spin Phenomena for Information Nano-devices Lab

Research Fields
Spintronics, Condensed Matter Physics
Magnetic Materials & Thin Films
Micromagnetic Simulations
Spin Nano-Devices
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Chun-Yeol You
Degree: Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST)
Tel : +82-53-785-6522
Mail : cyyou@dgist.ac.kr

Organic Synthesis and Catalysis Laboratory

Research Fields
Organic Synthesis
Catalyst Development
Asymmetric Reactions
Radical Reactions
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Lee, Sunggi
Degree: Ph.D. KAIST
Tel : +82-53-785-6527
Mail : sunggi.lee@dgist.ac.kr

Bio-harmonized device Lab

Research Fields
Development of ultra-flexible electronics utilizing organic materials
On skin and Implantable bio sensor applications
Sweat and bio liquid permeable device development
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Sungwon Lee
Degree: Ph.D., Yonsei University
Tel : +82-53-785-6523
Mail : swlee@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Wooseong Jeong(M.S. Candidate)
Mail : wsjeong@dgist.ac.kr

Multifunctional films and nanostructures Lab

Research Fields
Investigation of multifunctional oxides and emerging materials using oxide-organic convergence
Understanding of physical and chemical principles of emerging phenomena
Development of next-generation energy/devices
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Shinbuhm Lee
Degree: Ph.D., Seoul National University
Tel : +82-53-785-6524
Mail : lee.shinbuhm@dgist.ac.kr

Light and Matter Theory Lab

Research Fields
Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Ultrafast Phenomena, Time-Resolved Study, Nonequilibrium Phenomena
Attosecond Science
First-Principles Electronic Structure Calculation
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. JaeDong Lee
Degree : Ph.D., POSTECH, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6510
Mail : jdlee@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Won Seok Yun (Researcher)
Mail : wsyun@dgist.ac.kr

Supramolecular Inorganic Chemistry Lab

Research Fields

1. Nanoporous Materials
2. Metal-Organic Frameworks
3. Supramolecular Coordination Materials for Future Energy, Future Environment, and Future Electronic Materials Development

Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Nak Cheon Jeong
Degree : Ph.D., Sogang University, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6513
Mail : nc@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Jinhee Bae (Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : bjh1332@dgist.ac.kr

Asymmetric Organic Synthesis and Drug Synthesis Laboratory

Research Fields
Asymmetric Organic synthesis
Synthesis of Natural Products and Drugs
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Byunghyuck Jung
Degree: Ph.D., KAIST, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6625
Mail : byunghyuck.jung@dgist.ac.kr

Biomimetic Materials Lab

Research Fields
Design of model complexes of metalloenzyme
Characterization and reactivity studies for biomimetic materials
Application for medical and environmental materials
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Jaeheung Cho
Degree: Ph.D., Kanazawa University, Japan
Tel : +82-53-785-6512
Mail : jaeheung@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Seonghan Kim (Integrated M.S & Ph.D Candidate)
Mail : vhehskan414@dgist.ac.kr

Future Semiconductor Nanophotonics Lab

Research Fields
Future Semiconducting Materials
Next-generation Photonic Information Devices
Light-Matter Interactions
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Chang-Hee Cho
Degree : Ph.D., GIST, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6514
Mail : chcho@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Jinwoo Jung (Ph.D.Candidate)
Mail : iamjinwoo90@dgist.ac.kr

Biomaterials & Biointerface Engineering Lab

Research Fields
Bio-inspired organic materials
Polymeric biomaterials
Surface biofunctionalization
Biochip fabrication
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Seonki Hong
Degree: Ph.D. KAIST
Tel : +82-53-785-6526
Mail : seonkihong@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Jihyo Park(M.S. Candidate)
Mail : jihyopark@dgist.ac.kr

Spin Nanotech Lab

Research Fields
Design and synthesis of low dimensional nanostructured material and magnetic thin film systems
Control of interface atomic structures
Intelligent nano spin systems by combined electric and magnetic interactions between nanomaterials
Emerging spin phenomena/behaviors in the complex systems of metals and oxides
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Jung-Il Hong
Degree: Ph.D., Northwestern University,USA
Tel : +82-53-785-6511
Mail : jihong@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Min-Seung Jung (Integrated M.S.& Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : msjung@dgist.ac.kr